Soon the Peacock might go missing from India

Peacock near Do Jati Temple

We all love to see Peacock and love to grab one feather of it to  either put it in our temple or use it to decorate our living room, but do you know that soon you wont find one ?

Under Section 43(3) (a) and Section 44 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 prohibits the transfer and sale of peacock tail feathers. It prevents the trapping and killing of the national bird for its tail feathers. Peacock, the national bird of India has now become a matter of concern.

In 1963 the bird was declared to be the National Bird. But no proper census has been till date maintained for this beautiful bird. As per the survey India has lost more than half of its peacock population. It’s an alarming call for all.

Peacock poaching and killing has become common now. It might be for its feathers or its meat. It’s also said that the body fat of peacock is good for medical use. Section 43(3) (a) and Section 44 of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 prohibits the act of killing of the Peacock bird as well as export of the tail feathers and goods made from the bird. But the domestic trades of feathers or articles are allowed as they are assumed to be naturally shed.

Wild Life Act 1972
Wild Life Act 1972

The prime concerns of saving our National Animal, Tiger seem will soon call for our National World. Why do we have to awake when the situation is out of our control? We should be concern about our environment from the depth. If the birds and animals don’t strive will we humans survive for long? Lets raise voice and save our planet before it diminishes.


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