Store unused stuff away from home, in a safe environment

Almost all of us have some stuff at home, which we either use hardly or we are just keeping something as we don’t want to dispose it off. In other words every house has several articles/goods which have got place in the house just to preserve the ownership of that particular stuff, we don’t use it but we don’t want to lose the ownership as well.

For example, the first personal portable audio cassette player your dad gifted to you in your teens, now you never use it, but still you don’t want to lose the ownership of it, you don’t have the guts to throw it off, and this personal audio cassette player sits somewhere deep in a cupboard or box, doing nothing, just occupying a space which probably could be used for storing something more worthwhile (in terms of utility). Well, here is a solution, how about a service which can store such stuff away from your home at a very safe place. Sounds good isn’t it?

StoreMore is a service which allows you to store your unused of rarely used stuff in a safe environment. Store your less used or unused goods in safe environment and save spaceThe pricing of this service is quite reasonable, even the costliest plan allows you to store a box for Rs. 2 per day (Rs. 60/ month). Have a look at the pricing.

How Store More works :

In order to enjoy the services of StoreMore, first you need to order the boxes in which you will store your stuff, these boxes can be ordered via email. Later the boxes will be delivered at your doorstep; these boxes are made to international specifications and can hold the goods up to 15Kgs. Pack the goods in these boxes, prepare a list which has the details of the goods stored in particular box. Take your time to pack the goods, inform the StoreMore via email so that they can come and collect the boxes from you. Collection time can be decided as per your convenience.

Store unused stuff away from home, in a safe environment

How to Retrieve your Box ?

Also you can keep the check ready along with the packed boxes. Once the box reaches to the StoreMore guys, a bar code for every box is issued to you, which should be preserved by you so as to retrieve these boxes. In order to retrieve these boxes send an email to the StoreMore (with the barcode) and collect it from the StoreMore on a Saturday, else you can ask them to deliver the box/boxes at your doorstep (delivering the boxes will cost you Rs. 200/ trip).

What you can store in the boxes ?

Right from Documents to your Baby’s New Clothes to your Stamp collection. Anything which you want to get back later.

Are your Boxes Safe

The boxes are kept in a very safe and secure environment, which is armed with powder based fire extinguishers, has a biometric access; reliable pest control is used.

Where is the service available ?

As of now, this service is available for Delhi and NCR region only, but we hope to see them soon in our city as well. So, use this service and make your home spacious.

To know more about the StoreMore, visit the official website.


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