Stressed ? Take a cup of sweet drinks

Indians are the fond of  sweets and the products made up of sweets. There is a good news for the sweet drinks lover. As per the new study sweet drinks such as sugary tea, coffee  help to reduce stress at work, and make people less likely to be aggressive.

According to the IANS reports:

Sweet Drinks The energy boost provided by the sugar enables the brain to keep up control over its impulses, meaning people can prevent themselves from reacting spontaneously when under stress.To prove the fact psychologists  tests on volunteers, some of whom were given lemonade sweetened with sugar and some with artificial sweetener, showed that those who had drunk sugar performed better under pressure.

As per the  researchers from the University of New South Wales and Queensland University:

Glucose is required by the brain to enable “executive functioning”, which included the ability to restrain one’s impulses.Despite the widespread notion that glucose consumption can lead to a ‘sugar high’ resulting in impulsive behaviour the  data suggest that glucose can increase executive control when provoked.

So what are you waiting for?If you stressed out just drink a cup of sugary tea or a glass of  sweet lemonade and get relax!


  1. Thank you. Inputs on health such as this greatly relieve us during the stress in the Office and also go forward to do the unfinished job. Keep it up.


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