Student can see their evaluated answer sheet.

There  is always much dissatisfaction in my mind  over the marks obtained by me  in my examination. I always felt that there should  be more marks. Finally the solution has came for this problem as  now the student can see their evaluated answer sheet that how they were inspected by the board of Examination.

I am very happy to hear this news. Under the Right to information Act,The Supreme Court has said that students have the right to inspect and photocopy their answer sheets after their evaluation. The court has provided for re-evaluation of answer-sheets, which will include whether examiner missed out awarding marks for answers to some of the questions.

The order is applicable for the examination of class X and XII, entrance exam for professional courses as well as job recruitment tests. It will definitely help the student to their moral support. There are many cases of students with brilliant academic records scoring average marks and average students receiving red lines for subjects they were certain they would pass. But till now , they don’t have any option.

How it come into existence:

The decision has came into existence after a  case reached the apex court from high court which by its March 28, 2008, judgment permitted a student, Pritam Rooj, to inspect his answer sheets. Rooj was a student of mathematics in Presidency College. He obtained 91.6% in the Class X examination and 80.8% at the Higher Secondary (Class XII) examination.But his performance dipped unexpectedly in the mathematics honours course.  In 2005, he got a mere 52% in his Part-I examination and appeared for  Part II exam and got 208 marks out of a maximum 400. He was shocked to see that he got only 28 marks out of 100 in the fifth paper.

Pritam applied for re-evaluation of the paper. On re-evaluation, he received our marks more in the fifth paper and a fresh corrected mark sheet was issued to him. Moreover, he did not got the marks of first division which is must for the admission in the post graduation course in well known institutions.

According to the Reports:

The apex court bench of Justices RV Raveendran and AK Patnaik allowed the disclosure of the answer sheets of the examination conducted by boards, universities, institutions and public service commissions, when it upheld the Calcutta High Court judgment that permitted the students to inspect their answer sheets.

What do you think about this decision?


  1. if in university ordinance there is no any provision of re-evaluation then can I apply for it by rti acr.

  2. if in university ordinance there is no any provision of re-evaluation then can I apply for it by rti acr.


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