10 Stupid RTI Filed in India

A government is like a bank. You put your money in the bank account, and you have all the right to inquire about your money whenever you want. The banker cannot ask you the reason behind your investigation. Similarly, the government cannot question your queries, and you have full right to ask about anything and everything.

It has been almost fourteen years since the RTI Act came into existence, and there have been various commendable RTIs that have been filed by the citizens of India. But having said that, this fact cannot be denied that there have also been some shocking and weird RTI requests which in itself are so silly that even the government could not give any appropriate reply. So here are some of the Stupid RTI Filed in India till date.

Stupid RTI Filed India

➤ In case you are not aware of what RTI or Right to Information is, make sure to read our detailed explainer on it.

1.RTI for Nuclear Launch Codes

Vivek Kumar, deputy secretary at the Prime Minister Office(PMO), who is also an Indian Foreign Services Officer, shared a fantastic story on Twitter that a person had filed an RTI to get the nuclear launch codes of India.

The application was rejected as such confidential details can hamper the security of India and so they can never be shared on a public platform. The person had also deposited  Rs. 10 as statutory fees in this context.

2. Prime Minister or a Ramlila Actor?

A person was so eager to know about the previous occupation of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi that he filed this RTI asking whether Mr. Modi was working in any Ramlila Troop before diving into the politics.

The reply from the PMO was plain and straightforward that the above-sought information is not a part of the record.

3. Bills of Cylinders and Groceries Used by Prime Minister

How can someone be so free and unemployed that he asked for the bills of cylinders used in the kitchen of Prime Minister in October 2014 and May 2015? His curiosity did not stop on this. He further asked for the bills of spices used and bought in May 2015 for the PM’s kitchen.

The PMO replied that some expenses, which include the kitchen expenses, are very personal, and such fees are not incurred on the government account.

4. Marks Obtained by Modi in His Graduation

I guess Mr. Modi is very famous when it comes to RTIs. This particular man was so curious about the education of our Prime Minister that he filed an RTI seeking to know the marks obtained by Modi. At the same time, he graduated from Delhi University in the year 1977.

“Does not form part of records” is what the PMO replied.

5. RTI for Lost Bicycle

A nine-year-old boy named Pranav filed an RTI for his stolen bicycle. The result of this RTI was that the Delhi Police was forced to file a complaint about his stolen bike. His demand did not stop here. He even asked for a compensation of Rs. 2500 and also demanded some action against the sub-inspector who did not cooperate with him.

6. Who Wants to Study When There Is RTI

One RTI applicant demanded to know about the place where the examination paper for Aligarh Muslim University is printed as well as checked. Now that is a new way of paper leaking, isn’t it!

7. Internet speed in Prime Minister’s Office

While an average Indian has access to internet speeds of 2Mbps, one brave RTI warrior wanted to know the internet speed at Prime Minister’s office. The RTI revealed that the minimum speed at Modi’s office is 34Mbps.

8. “Ache Din aa Gaye Kya”?

I know this is unbelievable, but someone asked the PMO whether the very famous ‘Ache Din’ as promised by Mr. Modi has arrived or not. I am sure the reply given by the PMO would be ‘work in progress.’

9. Where Are my Laddoos?

A girl from UP sent one entire packet of laddoos to President George Bush on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. But unfortunately, she did not get any thank you mail. Being sentimentally hurt with the gesture, the girl approached the National Human Rights Commission to take action against this as she thought her laddoos did not even reach Mr. Bush.

10. In need of a Sanskari Wife

Tamil Nadu state information commission was approached by a 47-year-old man asking to give him some information as to where he can find a suitable life partner having a governmental job.

Have you ever filed any RTI requests for a silly or inconsequential subject? Or do you know anyone who has? Drop a comment and let us know!


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