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Planning to renovate your house or preparing to build up your room from scratch ? Or You living room looks too bad to invite guests ?Skylist is one site which can breath in a new life and freshness into them.

Yes you can visit shopping malls, trade fares etc  but that only takes much of time but you might not get what is is latest in the market and what new stuff people are experimenting with. But with Stylkist, you can do a one stop online shopping for small contemporary items like light sheds, vessels, stone candles,wall art, fabric decor etc.

Stykist Designs

Stykist Designs

Stykist, an Online Home Decor shop, was started by Maya Hari, keeping in mind to make more people aware of Interior trends. This in turn makes your house a beautiful place. You can read more on their about page

What impressed me most was kind of design and pictures of the products they had put up. May be not everybody would say they are unique but you can not deny that the quality is excellent.  They include category of Designer Gallery, Home Accents, Vases, Lighting, Wall Art, Entertaining, Fabric Decor and Bestseller Gifts.

Also they have a look book which is helpful for people who wan to see it offline or helpful for people who want to discuss in a group. You can request a look book from here

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