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Taj Mahotsav: Showcasing Arts, Crafts, Culture and much more

Taj Mahal is the first thing several non-Indians will think of as soon as they hear the word India, and so is Agra. Agra and Taj Mahal don’t need any introduction. However something else is there, which is not so popular, but damn interesting, and that’s Taj Mahotsav. Its an annual festival which takes place in a premises named as ...

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Agra: Uttar Pradesh’s first district to make a debut on Facebook

First District of Uttar Pradesh to debut on Facebook

The city of Taj Mahal, Agra, has become the first district to make a debut on Facebook. This official Agra Administration Page on Facebook has been created with the sole aim of bringing the Agra Administrative bodies to the common man, i.e. the denizens of Agra. The Agra Administration Facebook page, named as ‘ZilaPrashaasanAgra’ will allow the people of Agra ...

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