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Vodafone Drops 2G Charges while Airtel Introduces New 4G Plans

Airtel 4G offers

With the ruling alphabet G, the giant telecom leaders are decreasing the usage charges of 2G, 3G and 4G rates. With the 90 percent reduction of the charges Idea users can easily access to their 2G plans at 2 paise @ 10 KB which was previously 2 paise @ 1 KB. With the reduction in the charges for 2G users will be automatically ...

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Airtel 3G Tariffs for Chennai

Airtel 3G

Airtel has declared its rate for 3G now on their 3G Tariff page. Select Chennai to see the rates. There are few Key points you should know though : You cannot make video calls on ISD and International Roaming. On Roaming you will need to use ONLY Airtel 3G network. You cannot recharge a data pack with another data pack ...

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Airtel Special 3G Data Plan offers for Specific devices

Airtel 3G upgrades

If you already have 3G from AirTel and bought devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab, AirTel has introduced a special upgrade offer specific to these devices. Devices included are : Samsung galaxy Tab, S and wave. Nokia N8 Other Samsung Devices Other Nokia Phones. They are giving out 2Gb download for next 6 months with nominal charges on activation except N8. ...

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Spyware on Mobiles can be a problem for Telecoms

Mobile Spyware

Mobiles today are not just to make calls, they come with complete operating system loaded and softwares do run on them which leads to a major problem, Malwares and Spywares and Union Law Ministry, India has suggested a penalty  which is 100% of the contract if found. This news came from Business Standard and it seems like Indian governemt has ...

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Keep same mobile number on International Roaming

Airtel World Sim

Many of us hate receiving calls when we are out of city or country because of the roaming charges we need to pay. What  most of us do is call back the person and save some money if possible. However when you are on international roaming calling back isnt feasible  either.  Another problem that users face is to change of number everytime you ...

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Airtel Offers 50 Mbps plan with 200 Gb Limit

Airtel VDSL2 Broadband Plans

Need for Speed, Airtel after offering 4MBPS plan is now offering two more plans with 200GB Data limit one at 30MBPS and other at 50MBPS which is the highest speed any of the Telecom opertaors has introduced in India till now. # @ Rs. 7999 per month, experience 30 Mbps broadband speed with free data transfer upto 200GB and additional ...

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Tired of Slow Downloads ? Get the Airtel Impatientones Plan

Airtel Impenitence Plan

While Telecoms operators are still fighting on for 3G in India,  Bharati Airtel has a plan just right for people who cannot afford to wait longer time to download their important data., impatience Plan is a 4MBPS plan from Airtel which bandwidth cap but very time effective for users who don’t have much usage or have a fixed amount of ...

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Airtel users get High Speed Internet for IPL

If you are Airtel Internet subscriber like me and a Cricket Fan who has already printed the schedule, here is a good news for you. Airtel has planned to give all their users 2Mbps speed for watching IPL matches on YouTube on their Offical channel @ Youtube. How do you apply for  this High Speed Internet ? Nothing, This si ...

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