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Necessary health check Women should go for

Women Health

Women are the pillar of any family. They contribute a lot to the society, her own house and of course to the nation. But we, the women always tend to ignore our health very often, it may be due to lack of time, many times due to our lethargy and more often than not because we don’t take it seriously. ...

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Karela : A Miracle cure for Breast Cancer

Indian bitter melon, popularly known as ‘karela’ in India has astonished an Indian-origin researcher at Saint Louis University. As per Ratna Ray, PhD., professor in the department of pathology at Saint Louis University and lead researcher, the extract from this common vegetable in India deters the growth of breast cancer cells. Let’s rewind back. As discussed in my previous article ...

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Breast Cancer Awareness: The Pink ribbon initiative

October is celebrated as Breast Cancer Awareness month to make both men and women aware so they can diagnose it early,support people already suffering from this unfortunate disease and in hope that a cure for this is found soon. What is Breast Cancer ? Breast Cancer forms in the tissues of the breast, usually on the ducts (tubes that carry ...

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