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Calculate your internet usage before you buy a plan

Free Internet Usage Calculator, know your monthly data usage

Airtel lately launched the 3G services for their consumers, in the same series Airtel has come up with an awesome tool, the Internet Usage Calculator, which helps the consumers to take a quick decision easily on the choice of the internet plan before buying it. You need to visit the official Airtel website to access this tool. First you need ...

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Find the most economical DTH and Internet connection plan

Get recommendations for Best Economical DTH or Internet PlanTrimBill

DTH and Internet connection have become a part of our daily lives; naturally we tend to choose the most economical plan, here is a service, named as TrimBill. TrimBill actually keeps track of all the available DTH and Internet Plans, as soon as you reach the webpage of TrimBill, you can choose whatever you want i.e. either the ‘Satellite TV’ ...

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Airtel Offers 50 Mbps plan with 200 Gb Limit

Airtel VDSL2 Broadband Plans

Need for Speed, Airtel after offering 4MBPS plan is now offering two more plans with 200GB Data limit one at 30MBPS and other at 50MBPS which is the highest speed any of the Telecom opertaors has introduced in India till now. # @ Rs. 7999 per month, experience 30 Mbps broadband speed with free data transfer upto 200GB and additional ...

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Tired of Slow Downloads ? Get the Airtel Impatientones Plan

Airtel Impenitence Plan

While Telecoms operators are still fighting on for 3G in India,  Bharati Airtel has a plan just right for people who cannot afford to wait longer time to download their important data., impatience Plan is a 4MBPS plan from Airtel which bandwidth cap but very time effective for users who don’t have much usage or have a fixed amount of ...

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BSNL WiMax Tariff Plan

WiMax or Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access is a fourth generation technology which allows 37 Mbps broadband speed without the need for cables and this has been launched in Kochi by BSNL. Yup BSNL haad already 3G services running and now its going 4G. The technology is provided by AVIAT, formerly Harris Stratex.  Though there is no specific tariff rates declared for Kochi but  BSNL has already a tariff ...

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