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All Students appearing for IIT JEE to get their marks online

ITT JEE marks of every student to be available online

Admission to Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a dream destination of every wannabe engineer. The admission to the IITs is made on the basis of JEE (Joint Entrance Examination), named as IIT JEE. Earlier, what every IIT JEE aspirant got to know was, if he/she qualified the test or not, if qualified, one was informed about his/her rank in ...

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IISc to start offering Management Studies course [Admission and Eligibility]

IISc to offer Masters Course in Management

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, the premier Indian institute, known for the courses it offers in field of technology and science, will be offering Masters Program in management, starting August 2011. IISc used to offer a Masters Program in Business Administration, which was discontinued due to some reasons. The new program is supposed to focus on Technology Management and ...

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R-Fi mobile updates about your kid’s school activity

R-Fi tech

Now a day’s education put too much pressure on student as well as on the parents. As far as education goes it becomes more competitive and every parent expects that their child could do better. For the progress and the success of the child parents willing to do any thing.  To keep this fact in mind an IT company Pinnacle ...

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KMC Schools In Pathetic Situation

While going through the newspaper early morning my eyes got stuck in one article. It discussed about the situation of the worst condition of the KMC ( Kolkata Municipal Corporation ) schools. The survey shows that in comparison from 2005 to 2010 there has been only 6000 increase in the number of students’ enrolment. In spite of providing mid day meals, an initiated taken ...

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NCTE : Birdge Courses to meet national standards


National Council Of Technical Education (NCTE) has given the permission to the primary teachers’ training institutes for conducting bridge course to the students to meet the national standard. Earlier the criterion was two years’ training with eligibility completion of minimum 50% in Class XII. The letter from NCTE has reached to the state school education minister Mr Partha De.   Before ...

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Too much Modernization of Schools and Colleges : Good or Bad

Digital Blackboard

Few days ago, we went to watch the movie PATHSHALA Starring  Shahid kapoor, Ayesha takia, Nana Patekar etc. The main focus of the movie is to show how the education system is being commercialized just to increase the profit of the trustees. Few Scenes of the Movie : Schools try to sell goodies like BaseBall to every student though you might just need one or two ...

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Right to Dress

Calcutta high court ruled that authority of government has no right to fix the dress of teacher. According to the court the dress of the teacher should be decent, no matter whether it is sari, salwar kameez or trousers and tops. The teachers are educated enough and know about the decency of their dress. According to the committee of Gulab Mohini School in 2008, all women teachers have to ...

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Classroom Etiquettes for Teachers

School children in India

Now the teachers also need to learn etiquettes while speaking to the students. The Church of North India (CNI) has recommended that the teachers while dealing with the students should be careful with the words they throw out. Recent suicides by two students has made the CNI alert about the teacher-student interaction. As per the CNI the teachers need to ...

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TCS develops Software to teach adults in India

Educating adults India is one of the top level agendas of Indian Government, the program named as Saakshar Bharat is the example to this, will be implemented in 365 districts of the country where the literacy level is below 50 per cent. The focus of the scheme is female literacy. Program aims to make literate 70 million people, of which ...

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Right to School and The Problem

Shoe shining Kid

Education is finally a fundamental right in India and any child between 6 to 14 is entitled for schooling. This is definitely a ray of hope for all the children who are left uneducated in the country by the UPA Government but probably we are missing a big point. Economy and the Poor. Problem #1 More than 60% of India ...

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