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Where to look for funds for a startup in India (Entrepreneurship)

Funds Startup India

If you are planning to launch a startup with strong potential and strong will with excellent business ideas, there are few Networks which has started funding, helping and supporting Entrepreneurs to help them grow faster and smarter. Telegraph in 2010, listed three such sites which I have explored a little more. Here is the list where a Startup in India ...

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Flipkart : The Indian Amazon ?

Flipkar Indian Amazon

Are you looking for buying the book but have no time go to the  market?Here is the solution of your problem. Purchase the book online and get the discount also. Flipkart, a Bangalore based startup that has launched an online e-commerce store for buying books.Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal are the  founder of this online books store. They have 3 ...

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Hangvertiser : Who knew the lame hangers had future


Hangers, the one which we used to hang our clothes in the Almira. Generally they are just piece of wire moulded to take care of the clothes and keep them in shape but Peter saw it differently and gave birth to Advertisements into the Hangers which were even eco-friendly. The ad space of the hangers are sold to premium brands and water based ...

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Bringing you Home Safe even after a Drunk Party

Drive Home Safe

Drink and drive had never been safe and with laws and rules you can get into trouble anytime. Shiven and Nikhil knew this and had always got their friends safe home every time and they materialized this idea into a premium Chauffeur Service, Home Safe India,  which can drive you and your friends and family back home in middle of night. The idea ...

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Call Auto service @ Karnataka

Easy Auto

It’s very common that we call Cabs when we want to go to airport or any where far in the city but how about getting an Auto at your doorstep on call ? Welcome to the Easy Auto Service @ Karnataka. Easy Auto Service is a call-auto service and is supported by Bangalore Police. With the initial investment of Rs 40 lakh, Padmasree Harish, ...

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Free photocopies / xerox for the students : PhokatCopy

PhokatCopy A4

Photocopies are very common among students. A lot of money is spent on the printing and photocopies in various colleges and institutions for college or tuition notes. Seeing this Harsh Narang, a 5th  year student in Master of Technology Program, Delhi brings a  great business idea Phokatcopy , which provides  photocopies to student free of cost or at very nominal price ...

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