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Buy Flashing LED T-shirts online

Flashing LED Tshirts buy online @ Exciting Lives

Remember Amitabh Bachchan in Yaarana (1981), performing to the tunes of ‘Saraa Zamaana. Haseeno Ka Deewana.’,  with small light bulbs all around his dress. Yes, those were light bulbs, LEDs were not in trend at that time, and Amitabh had a switch of these lights bulbs in his hand, and these bulbs were using live electricity wires. If somehow you ...

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Buy different types of fashionable Bangles online

Buy different types of non traditional fashionable vogue Bangles online

Bangles have been a very important part of Indian Culture.Recently I was in Delhi, and there I had to visit this Bangle shop in a mall in Gurgaon. There was a mention on a board which said you can buy the bangles from their online store as well. No doubt the bangles in this shop were pretty modern type, which ...

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Rent a Party wear, save your money and donate for a cause too

Sonia Mehra of Dial a Dress rent a party wear Mumbai

Having tough time to decide on your outfits for the party tonight, and don’t want to repeat the dress you wore in last party? What do you do in such case, naturally, you will either have to make a choice from your cupboard or you will have to spend a real good amount to buy a new dress. Mumbaikar’s (read ...

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Fashion Trend : Chic and Exclusive in 2010

It’s time to take a look at the trends and styles for 2010. The beginning of a year is always exciting with new year to begin with and what makes it even more so is the glamour world. As we examine  the structure of fashion trends 2010, we find a desire for something different  to be contributed to the ultimate ...

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