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Order Maharashtrian delights online, and get delivered for free in Pune

Order Maharashtrian delights online and get free home delivery within Pune

If you hail from Maharashtra or have been living in cities like Pune or Mumbai for quite some time, chances are bright that you are deeply in love with some Maharashtrian delights, like different types of Chiwda, Chakali, Modak, Puran Poli, etc. Here is your opportunity to get these delights just by placing an order online, and later the home ...

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Order you Breakfast online [available in select locations of Pune]

A nice breakfast is a must for almost everybody, but people staying alone and away from home are often found either skipping their breakfast or by compromising with it. I have seen very few bachelors having proper breakfast. Even the foodies like me have to skip the breakfast or have to survive with some kind of readymade stuff, or may ...

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