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Making Fat Indian wedding greener : Green Wedding Ideas

Green Wedding Ideas

Global warming is the significant discussion all around the world. With this alarming threat, what steps have you taken to save our planet? In Indian weddings, most of the time people show off costly dressed, pieces of jewelry and spend so much money that we don’t realize and this completion makes the marriage not only fatty but also buy things ...

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Solar Charkha: To Produce Green Clothes for India and abroad

Solar Charkha

Charkha, is the Indian word for Spinning Wheel, it is a small tool, for spinning thread or yarn from natural or synthetic fibers, which has several versions which are generally named upon the type of wheel it uses. Charkha reminds us of Mahatma Gandhi, which was used by him to convey the message of Swadeshi, Self Employment and hence self-dependence. ...

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Solar Lanterns with Mobile Charger – “What an idea sir ji!!!”


We have discussed about various kinds of innovative business ideas in our blog. And all are unique in different aspects. But have you heard about mobile charging as a source of side income and that to in those areas where there is no continuous power supply? Not clear!!! Let me help you.  While we are on long tour we at ...

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Telecom Towers to go Green with Solar Power

Like all the other countries India is also trying to reduce the Carbon footprints, and promoting a Greener environment, old vehicles are being banned, green fuel is being promoted, recycling is being done, etc. Here is another initiative towards a greener environment, India has a huge telecom network, and has more than 250,000 cell phone towers as of now. Diesel ...

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Tata Motors to bring Green solution

Looks like the big companies have started thinking green finally. Tata Motors who have already plans to bring Hybrid Nano for fuel efficiency is testing buses and light trucks which are driven by hydrogen powered cell fuels which means zero pollution to environment. The basic chemistry involved here is that when you burn hydrogen with air you get water as by-product instead of polluted air and hence one ...

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Selling Aluminium cans to help for wedding

Wedding cans

We have heard couples doing all the crazy things for love. But have you heard a couple collecting aluminum cans to help themselves for their wedding? To add here it’s not only love for them but also for the environment. The couple from Spokane, Washington, Pete, and Andrea is collecting aluminum cans to help to pay for their wedding on ...

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