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Tea: Cup that cheers and heals

Tea: Types & Why it is healthy

Today tea is the second standard beverage after water. Tea is one drink that can be easily found in every house. For mass, a day starts with a cup of tea and a newspaper. It can be liquor tea of milk tea; it is served in from a big hotel to a small shop at the “nukkad.” IN this post, ...

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What you should always check before buying packaged foods

How harmful packed food is

Packaged foods, no doubt, have made our life more comfortable. At the rushed times, these packaged foods help us a lot in adding to our appetite. Bachelors and students staying at hostels and guesthouses are more dependent on them. With the latest generations, packaged goods have taken over the diet. But do you know how safe is these packaged goods? ...

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Turmeric : The Natural Healer

Healing Turmeric

Ayurveda is the best home remedy for many diseases. Many herbs and plants are used to cure disease. Even centuries back it was Ayurveda the ultimate healer for all. And among all Turmeric is extensively used as in Ayurveda. Turmeric has always proved to be the best treatment of sprains and swellings since centuries. In this post, I will share ...

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Risky Drugs Gatifloxacin and Tegaserod banned in India

Risky Drugs Gatifloxacin and Tegaserod banned in India

Two drugs, namely Gatifloxacin and Tegaserod have been banned by the Government of India; the reason to ban these drugs in India is that these drugs are likely to involve risk to human beings. Also the safer alternatives to both the drugs are available in the market, hence banning them sounds to be a logical decision. What risk are involved ...

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Keep your heart healty by doing simple exercises !


Physical inactivity is linked to about one-fourth of death from major chronic diseases. It is more prevalent among women than man.Today the life style of the people is one of the top reason for the heart diseases. Are you conscious about your heart? Let me explain something about your heart. Why do we need exercise : Exercise strengthens our muscles and ...

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Anti-Obesity Day : Are you aware ?


Anti-obesity day will be held on 26th of November, its a good and the right time to pay attention and  consider how what we eat today is shaping our nation’s tomorrow. Do you know the meaning of obesity and its effect? Let me help you to know more about it. Meaning of Obesity: Obesity is a state in which there is ...

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Why you should eat Almond every day


Every Indian kitchen I believe somewhere in the corner must have almond. It occupies the space in your refrigerator also. I prefer to keep it there only so that it can last long. Almond is better seen at least once in a year at every Indian house during Diwali. with other friends like cashew nuts, raisins, pista and other dry ...

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Stop Flu : About flu, its sympotms and how can we stop it.

Stop Flu Movement

Are you aware about the flu ? I am sure after H1N1 Swine Flu we all know but do you know Flu happens all the time in small-scale but we ignore them?  Every day we all heard about the death caused due to the flu but are we conscious? Did you know even regularly washing hands can keep away so ...

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Celebrate 15 October as Global handwashing day

Do you Wash Your Hands

Every year more than 3.5 million children under the age of five died due to the diarrhea diseases and acute respiratory infections.This is the result of unhygienic and lack of cleanness.On 15th of October India is celebrating Global hand washing day.Hand washing with soap is an effective and one of the cheapest way to prevent from the infectious diseases. Do ...

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Look good, Feel good but Naturally

Look Good Feel Good

Every person has a wish to look beautiful whether male or female. The experience of beauty often involves the Understanding of some thing as being in balance and harmony with nature, which may lead to feelings of attraction and emotional well-being. Some people may think that it’s a bit superficial and vain, but a beautiful face always attracts lots of people. ...

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