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How to read Indain proprietary encodings : Unicode Conversion Gateway

Unicode is a standard way of displaying text rather a set of thousands of  characters which is used on the internet making it easy for everybody to read it easily. But in India there are many sites which uses proprietary scripts are not readable unless you have that script installed. Unicode Conversion Gateway is an intiativeby Harshita Vani which can ...

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Learning Hindi : Back to School but Online Style

Learning Hindi is one the most challenging part for people dont belowing to India or had stayed away from India right from their birth. Though there are certain people who had self inititaed this kind of process through video but doing it old style i.e. Charts, Pictures etc creates more impact in my opinion. Here is one such sample you ...

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Learning Hindi made easy with Video tutorials

A Door to Hindi is an effort made by Afroz Taz to help learn Hindi  for both understanding it and  how to use it, with proper and correct use of grammar, which is always the critical pasrt of any language. There is a list of video tutorials (yes you read it right) where a scenario is created like how the conversation goes on in ...

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