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Richard Stallman to lecture at SJCET, Palai (India) on September 09, 2010

Richard Stallman to deliver a lecture at SJCET

The name, Richard Matthew Stallman, doesn’t need any introduction, founder of GNU project; he is a software freedom activist. If somehow you haven’t heard about him, read here… Richard Stallman is in India next month, and is going to deliver a lecture at Swathanthra 1.0, which is an event, organized by Swathanthra, a free softwares users group at the St. ...

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Now work for Facebook, office to start soon in Hyderabad

Facebook Hyderabad

Working with Google, working with Microsoft, working with Deloitte, etc. these are the giants who have their offices in India, and several Indians work there and also contribute in the enormous growth of IT and Business sector. Here arrives another big brand to India, and brings along more job opportunities to Indian IT field. Facebook, a big-big brand name in ...

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North-East & Border regions to get WiMax,Broadband & IT Park

BPOs is India have brought a lot of investments from foreign countries. Northeastern community is the first choice of BPO employers as the employees, reason being, they are easier to train and impart skills to for this kind of work. Keeping the above said fact in mind, The Government of India has begun a program to wire up the entire ...

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