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Find pincode information in India

Reverse PIncode Search

Many a time you might have information about Pincode but not the exact area. Sometimes its the reverse,  you might have information like state, district, post office but not pin code which leaves us in a difficult situation to find the location if you are sending a post or courier, its a good idea to verify the validity of Pincode. ...

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List of Indian Cities Longitude & Latitude

Google Latitude Longitude

Many a time people need exact geolocation of Indian cities in terms of latitude and longitude. I remember how badly I required it when I was in school and needed this for my school project. The only way to find was atlas which was to open the Atlas and see where the lines crossed. So if your kids or anybody ...

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MapmyIndia: One stop solution to Digital Maps and Navigation Devices

Looking for directions to reach your destination from current location, want to have a look at the map, or may be searching for Hotels, Pilgrimages, Shopping areas etc. in particular locality, Try MapmyIndia. It has an online tool, which can help you to satisfy all your above said needs, have a look at the interface. It has a simple search ...

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