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How to get a PAN and TAN number Online

Changes Correction PAN CARD

PAN and TAN numbers are essential in India when it comes to Income Tax. PAN is useful for those who file income tax, while TAN is for those who deduct TDS from salaries. In this post, we will share how you can get or apply for a PAN number and a TAN number online in India. How to apply for ...

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How to verify if a PAN card is valid or invalid?

verify PAN valid invalid

PAN (Permanent account No )is a 10 Digit Alphanumeric No issued by Govt. of India to individuals, firms or Companies, etc. primarily for Income Tax purpose. It is also used in India as a photo ID proof of an individual. It can be used at multiple places as a supporting document along with Aadhar and passport. That said, with an ...

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PAN made compulsory for TDS eligible payments

Pan Card

Just received an email from my Chartered Accountant regarding the new section which makes PAN compulsory now.Please read on. Finance Act (2) of 2009 makes PAN compulsory in case of TDS eligible payments. Failing to that, Deductor has to make TDS at a higher rate!! This has been made by introducing a new section 206AA into the Income Tax Act ...

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PayPal India asks for PAN details

According to latest update we got on comments and confirmed the same, PayPal India asked Indian users to enter PAN or Permanent Account Number details as soon as they Login and it is compulsory. According to the FAQ here : Why do you need a PAN number? PAN number is compulsory for all financial transactions as per Indian laws and ...

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