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TCS to develop e-Passport for India

Indian Passport

The government of India is planning to issue electronic passport to its citizen. It will  contain a security chip with personal data and digital images, including finger prints of that person carrying such passport and it will have 64KB chip with a photograph of passport holder. The passport will issue in 3 days only. The new passport is entirely designed ...

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How to apply for Passport Online in India

Passport Ministry

The passport office is like 10 minutes from my office and any time I get down there I find a huge line that goes till the road end. Many of us do not know but it is possible for you to apply for passport online and avoid the long waiting queue for submitting the application form. Consular Passport and Visa ...

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Get Passport in three days in India

People who don’t have passport need not worry. Now standing on long queues or hopping around the brokers to get a passport will not be required. External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna is deciding to set almost 77 high tech IT enabled Passport Sewa offices around the county. The first project will be launched at Bangalore. This sewa office will be ...

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Indian Passports to get embeded chip

In next 18 months, September 2011, any Passport issues in India will have a RFID chip embedded in the front which will carry the holders information electronically and can be read by the security personal of any country when swiped.  If you are thinking this is some kind of Hi Tech stuff, think back. This technology has already been adopted by major ...

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