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What you can see in Jaipur [ Rajasthan ]

Hawa Mahal

We reached Jaipur by night after travelling through Ajmer and beautiful sights in between. First things you should do is look around for a place and since this is the last stop you will need a very comfortable place. Jaipur has many hotels and restraunts so make sure you get a good one. Jaipur also called as the Pink City, is a ...

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Udaipur – City of Lakes [ Rajasthan ]

Maharana Pratap

Mt Abu was such a relaxation, One of my best experience and after staying there for 2 days we were  ready to visit Udaipur which I have read in history is city of lakes. It is surprising that there is so much of water in this city and rest of Rajasthan specially the Thar’s have non. We started at around 8 ...

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Mount Abu : Gateway to Wintery Rajasthan

Mount Abu

I am pretty sure you did enjoy reading about Jaisalmer and today we are on a long drive to Wintery City of Rajasthan, Mt Abu. As you can see the traveling stats below, better get started early and as usual carry lot of water. Distance from Jaisalmer- 572 kms Time taken- 10 hrs. Time spend- 2 days. 2 Night stay. ...

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Sand Dunes of Jaisalemer, Rajasthan

Sunset at Jaisalmer

Done with the Jaisalmer Fort and the Museum its time for the promised Sand Dunes and if you haven’t seen one in your lifetime this is the best place to see and enjoy with sunset and Folk Dance at night. Sand dunes can be find around many villages we went to a village called KHURRI which is almost 40 kms from Jaisalmer ...

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The Amazing Museum inside Jaisalmer Fort

Gawarja mata Wodden Idol

In the last post we talked about how interesting is the Jaisalmer Fort and today we are going to cover the Museum which has the complete history of this city and the fort.  Here is the complete list : Statue of Gawarja Mata. Photographs when British Ruled. They actually tell us the relationship between them. Currency and Postal Stamp. There ...

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Jaisalmer : The Golden City with a Mighty Fort [ Rajasthan ]

Jaisalmer Fort Top View

Today is all fun because we are heading to Jaisalmer, the golden city and then to Sand Dunes of Rajasthan which one can never forget in his life. As usual we will need to start early and since we stayed back at Ramdevra last time you have one more chance to visit the temple. Make sure you carry lot of ...

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Visiting temples of Bhairon Ji and Ramdevra [ Rajasthan ]

Baba Bhairon

Continuing our Trip of Rajasthan, Today we will visit two more temples, Bhairon Ji and Ramdevra and they are one but last temple of the trip and traveling is easy today just around 185 Km but again We will start early today. We will be holding our night at Ramdevra and we need to find a place to stay there ...

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Visting temples of Rani Sati and Karni Mata [ Rajasthan ]

After paying visits to temple of Salasar and Shyam Khatu we move on to JhunJhunu and then to Deshnok.   This day we will cover  300 KM to travel by car and since we need to reach Karni Mata temple in time it would be best to start early in morning from Salasar.  We will hold our night at Bikaner which ...

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Visiting temples of Shyam Khatu and Salasar BalaJi [ Rajasthan ]

Salasar Balaji

We started our Rajasthan Trip from Jaipur but like I mentioned in the plan, Jaipur is the last place we will be exploring.  After landing on Airport  at 5 pm IST, we had our Cab ready and got the luggage packed and started of for Shyam Khatu, Temple of Bheem’s grandson Barbareek. We stayed back at Jaipur for around 2 ...

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Rajasthan Trip : Hands on Guide

Rajasthan Trip

Rajasthan, The Indian land of sand and long history of bravest Indian Warriors India has given birth to is one of the top places when it comes to traveling in India. We were just lucky to be there and places in Rajasthan for 10 days and would love to share my experience with you all like I did for Srinagar Trip . To ...

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