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Sari: Covers all, yet Reveals all

How to Drape a Sari like a Pro. History of Sari

Ethnic wear, an unstitched fabric of feminine elegance, a sensual attire or a six-yard wonder. Sari can be defined in a thousand other ways round, but in one word, it only represents the traditional culture of India, which has been recognized globally. In this post, we will talk about the history of Sari and also learn how to drape or ...

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Ethnic Wear and India

Culture? If one is to define this word she or he can come with so many words. According to the dictionary  this word refers to a state of logical development or manners-I feel it is all about society,customs,traditions,ethnicity way of life that influence the growth of a human being . Indian culture is rich and diverse and is very inimitable. ...

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