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How to make Spicy Banana Stem (Thod-er) Dish

Spicy Banana Stem Dish

Banana Tree not only gives you useful bananas, but most of the parts of the banana tree are edible. Today we would take up the inner stem of banana, which is very rich in fiber. The dish is called as Thoder Dish or Banana Stem Dish, which is a rich fibrous and spicy dish and goes well with Rice. The ...

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How to make Brinjal Jalfrezi (Recipe)

If you are interested in some typical Bengali food then here is the right choice that I can offer. If you want to have something spicy, something jhaal ( spicy), then this is the right choice. And I promise that it will make your mouth waters. It’s one of the most preferred menus at my home. In this post, I ...

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English name of common Indian Spices and Ingredients (PDF)

English name of common Indian Spices

Spices are an essential part of Indian Cuisine, here is a list which I got on my old Hard Disk, and probably I got this info in some forwarded email. So, thought of sharing it here as we do have a recipes section here. Moreover, if you want to try cooking some Indian delight, this will be helpful for you. ...

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