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UID to be officially valid document for opening of Bank accounts

UID Registration Verification

First time in India Unique Identification Number (UID) will help the people to get their banking services easy. UID is the numbers which are issued by the Unique Identification Authority to all the residents of India. It is a  Biometric identification system under which there will be all the details of the person like finger prints, person photograph etc. According ...

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UID might be required when you take a new mobile number

Mobile Sim and UID

Accept it or not but  UID or Aadhaar will be compulsory for every citizen in India. Apart from taking into School and using them into Bank account and EPF, Government is also thinking to make this compulsory for citizens to give UID when you take a new SIM card for your Mobile Number. If done this will Virtually eradicate the ...

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What Aadhaar is and What Aadhaar isn’t

what is aadhaar number

In last post I talked about how the UID / Aadhaar  registration or the enrollment will take place. So now you might have lot of questions regarding it for which I am listing down the resources and the official links where you can read the details. UID Home Page What is Aadhaar Why Aadhaar Who can get an Aadhaar How ...

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How UID / Aadhaar registration will take place ?

UID Registration Logoff

UID or Unique ID is the latest initiative by government to give every Indian a unique number with which he or she can be identified any where with all details in one place. This is similar to what USA calls as Social Security Number. UID project is renamed to Aadhaar  which is actually a 12-digit unique number to be stored ...

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