Tata bringing Electric Nano

We already been hearing Tata Working on greener solution by testing hydrogen fuel drive busses but seems like this post @ mnn is pointing to an electical version of Tata Nano to be around soon or is already oout ( Cant find any official announcement yet ).

Update :

“The electric Nano will be launched in Europe in two-and- a-half years and it will be launched in select markets like Britain and the Scandinavian countries first, and gradually in other nations,” Tata Motors vice-chairman Ravi Kant told reporters at the Geneva Motor Show.

Nano EV Side View

Nano EV Side View

According to MNN Behar has already used it and found it awesome.The best part of Nano is you can convert it into so many types of nano, thanks to the design.

Tata Nano Electric

Tata Nano Electric

As of now Electric Nano is not launching in India but it should soon however I doubt the success of Electric Nano because of the lac of electric charging stations which are not adequate in any of the cities.

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