TCS develops Software to teach adults in India

Educating adults India is one of the top level agendas of Indian Government, the program named as Saakshar Bharat is the example to this, will be implemented in 365 districts of the country where the literacy level is below 50 per cent. The focus of the scheme is female literacy.

Adult Education in India

Program aims to make literate 70 million people, of which at least 85 per cent are women. The scheme has been rolled out in 167 districts across 19 states in the first week of April 2010.

It has been observed that that people in villages and cities take their own initiative to make their illiterate neighbors literate but their main problem is getting teaching material, keeping this in mind, Indian Government has collaborated with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), to make the study material readily and easily available.

Role of TCS will be the key to achieving success as the government can provide Internet access in remote areas and thus reduce bottlenecks in making teaching materials available. Interactive TCS software will make the online version available in several regional languages to facilitate easy learning for target audience.

Indian Government is already working in North-East & Border regions to get WiMax,Broadband & IT Park, and on the same lines  37 Mbps broadband speed without the need for cables and this has been launched in Kochi by BSNL, so overall this seems to be a great step, and hopefully we will soon see a enormous increase in literacy rates in India.


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