Tea : Cup that cheers and heals

Today tea is the second common beverage after water. Tea is one drink which can be easily found in each and every house. For mass a day starts with a cup of tea and newspaper. It can be liquor tea of milk tea; it is served in from a big hotel to a small shop at the “nukkad”.

Tea is no more considered as an unhealthy drink. It has become a universal beverage available in all kinds. To name a few –



The most preferred ones in India are masala, Earl Grey and lime and lemon. They all have some or the other qualities for being preferred. Lemon is widely accepted as easily digests,, mint has a freshening property. Chamomile tea is said to give a calming effect.

Specialty and flavored tea market in India has been estimated at Rs 50 to Rs 100 crore growing by 15% to 20%. As per the executive director of Tata Tea, Sangeeta Talwar, “women, business executives and people, who are constantly mobile, are the largest consumers of specialty teas, which mainly come in tea bag”.

Recent surveys have showed that tea makers are also now becoming more of health conscious. With marketing they are now also concentrating tea to be a healthy drink. Typhoo tea was discovered in Birmingham, England in 1903 by John Sumner Jr., Typhoo. Typhoo tea is said to be made from the particles of tea created to ease stomach ailments and good digestion. You can try and order one for yourself here

Tata Tea with the slogan “Jaago Re” is the world’s second largest tea manufacturer, specializes with their brands viz. Tata Tea, Tetley, Good Earth Teas. (Want to know more about TATA TEA just log here and feel proud to be an Indian. Tea companies have enlarged there area of promotion. They are now promoting in the fitness centers, jogging parks, doctor’s chambers and more preferred in the BPO’s and corporate companies.

Reasons Why Drinking Tea is Healthy

Current research shows tea contains specific antioxidants (especially green and white tea) & health promoting ingredients, lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke & certain types of cancer like oral, pancreatic and prostate. There are teas that make you slim, heal you from cough and cold. There are few tea that drive away asthma also. As per the Friday edition of The Economic Times dated 13th Nov 09 Tetley will shortly launch Tulsi lemon tea that will heal you from cough and cold. Tea is more preferred than coffee and soda as it has much less caffeine. It is said that green tea helps in rejuvenating skin cells. For more details check this

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