Tech Tools at Kolkata Metro Railway in 2010

Between 1998 and 2009, 184 people have attempted suicide out of which 98 were rescued. In 2009 out of 15 attempts only 5 were rescued. With the beginning of the New Year the metro officials seemed to be really worried as this is not what metro made for.

Bosch Company which deals with video analytics has proposed the Kolkata Metro Railway its state-of-the art technology. This technology is also followed by Germany. The software analyses the still and video images recorded by security cameras. They raise alarm as pet the instructions set.

Kolkata metro

Kolkata metro

For example if a man crosses the white line on the metro railway platform, the alarm will sound at a station’s CCTV control room.CCTV, closed circuit television has also been installed at each station to track individual passengers.

The Metro Railway itself has taken measures to prevent suicides like soothing music being played at stations and reducing the speed of the train as it enters the stations but both failed. Let’s see if the technology helps the Metro Railway and rescue more life.

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  1. I'm not sure how this technology will work, as the CCTV cameras are installed at quite some distance from each other, and this technology might not be all that useful if the person in question jumps a split second before the train arrives. However, considering the fact that they would not be in the right state of mind, this might help. Again, human guards should be working against such mishaps.
    Also, if you think loud songs from a Bangla movie are classifiable as "soothing music", I have serious doubts about the credibility of that statement!

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