: First Step and Journey so far

I cannot forget the August 2009, all I could see in Pune was, people with masks on their face, I remember the day, as it was declared a holiday, due to the Swine flu epidemic, and I didn’t come out of my house whole day as it was not required at all, finally when I went out for dinner in the evening, for a moment, I was shocked and seemed like the whole city was under an attack by some supernatural power, all I could see was masked faces, which gave me Goosebumps for  a while.

Happy Birthday

I and Ashish were thinking about an India Blog for quite long, but somehow, due to our other engagements other than blog, this India Blog plan was being delayed, every time we finalized a date, we had to postpone it for some reason or the other.

It was one of those days when due to the Swine Flu epidemic, here in Pune, all the offices, colleges and schools were closed for some 2 weeks or so, I told Ashish, that it is pretty boring to sit at home for all day, and the vacation seems to be wasted as going out wasn’t safe. He took the opportunity, and kept a challenge, and asked me how about working for India blog to utilize this vacation, I agreed, and we took a challenge to launch the India Blog on Independence Day 2009. The vacation didn’t seemed like a vacation anymore, we did all we could, we wrote articles so that after the launch when a visitor arrives at, we have some articles to showcase and convey our philosophy behind launching this blog.

Finally we succeeded and announced on August 15, 2009. Now the challenge was to keep this blog alive, as we (Me and Ashish) have been technology blogger, and writing a stuff which is based upon India, wasn’t that easy, Ashish soon overcame this syndrome, somehow, I wasn’t still very comfy writing such stuff, it took time but now its on the better part.

We were busy maintaining a balance between both the blogs, and then came Nidhi, she is Ashish’s Sister, she too wanted to write on, later she joined us for writing India Based recipes, but later she emerged as an author posting about multiple domains.

The next entrant in our team was Shweta (Ashish’s Wife) , and our Travel Writer, she has a passion for maps and travelling, and trust me, the way she has covered the Rajasthan Trip is awesome, don’t miss her posts.

Fashion Enthusiast Kriti was our next team member, she is a grad in Fashion Technology, and has a great insight of Fashion and Trends, though she isn’t very regular in posting articles due to her damn busy schedule, but still don’t miss her posts.

Now, we as per the scenario, we have a 3 Authors who don’t write for any specific domain, and 2 specialists, we were really looking forward to get an author who can write something like movie reviews. I recently met Saurabh, and soon we became good friends, I also realized that Saurabh has a great insight of Bollywood and Movies, a die-hard Kishore Da Fan, is currently pursuing his MBA, and directing a movie is probably his biggest dream at the moment, so, here comes our Bollywood Storyteller, another author in Team.

Year 2010 so far has been great in terms of the development of, thanks to you all for your regular visits. The sole aim of sharing this Story is to say Thanks to all the Readers of, keep visiting, and share with us the kind of stuff you will lie to read, also feel free to ask any questions, we are here to learn while helping others to develop a better insight about India.

Happy Independence Day to you all, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat!!!


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