Text-free user interfaces will help illiterate to use computer

Though India had been progressing in many aspects but there is a big percentage of people who are still Illiterate or semi illiterate which makes them handicapped when it comes to using computer or any other digital devices like mobiles and this is what Indrani Medhi, at Microsoft Research India wants to change.

Basically into Ethnographic UI Design, she is  developing an Interface which allows any first-time,or non-literate person to communicate with a PC without much of learning. Indrani’s technique uses hand-drawn, semi-abstracted cartoons with voice annotation, aggressive mouse-over functionality, a consistent help feature, and looping full-context video which makes it easy for user to understand and communicate with PC.

Indrani and Subject during Initial Evaluation

Indrani and Subject during Initial Evaluation

Text Free Job Search

Text Free Job Search

There is a complete report and a PPT on this if you be interested on how it had worked out till now. The research is still going on but there is a future where everybody will be able to interact with computers and that would be beautiful.

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