The guide to best parties happening in India

If you are a Party animal, and live in India, this is for you, here is an awesome online resource for you so that you never miss on best parties happening in different cities of India.

Stay updated on Party hapeening in your City Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, India

‘Party Happenings in India’ is an aggregator for parties scheduled in different cities of India, they publish almost all the relevant information about the scheduled parties in different pubs and discos across the country, though the homepage says –

“Find out about the hottest party every weekend in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai”

But I have seen them covering the updates about parties happening in couple of other cities as well, e.g. Pune.

Probably the best way to stay updated on the comprehensive updates about the parties is to subscribe to their feed. So go ahead and do it now, so that you never miss on those awesome parties featuring your favorite band.

Visit Party Happenings in India.


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