The innovative way of teaching: relate subject concepts to Sports

Fractions – I remember was one of the toughest topics I ever encountered during my school days, my day, my mom, even one my uncle too tried teaching it to me several times, but I couldn’t come over the phobia, finally when one day I was made to think about it in terms of sharing my single chocolate with my 5 friends, the idea started entering my head, and finally I understood what was this topic called as Fractions all about, and I am sure that I am not the only one who learned something by relating it to real life scenario.

Learn science and math through sports innovative way of teaching

EduStrokes is an India based service, which has come up with an awesome concept; it’s based upon the fact that almost every kid is fond of some game, may be tennis, cricket or football, etc. Now if you tech a kid about the science topic Friction, if you relate the Friction and the effects of the Friction with bouncing of tennis ball during a tennis match, it will definitely be easy for the kid to understand what it is all about. You can understand the concept by having a look at this video.

The teaching process is fully online, and is done using interactive modules. EduStrokes uses chats, text elements, visual elements, audio components, video components, quizzes etc.

EduStrokes offers learning solutions from standard IV to X. All you need to do is create an account with EduStrokes, later select the course, and pay for it online or via other available options, and start teaching. This sounds to be a great option for teachers as well as parents.

To know more about EduStrokes and buying a plan you can visit the official website.


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