The Mobile Spa for Ladies

At times it becomes tireless to visit parlours and spa and gets refresh. With our busy schedule we always look for the comfort at our home only. Rubina Guleria came up with the idea of mobile spa – The Bangalore Mobile Spa (TBMS) in 2006. Till date Rubina and her team has catered her spa services to almost 1700 clients.

Mobile Spa in BangloreThe Bangalore Mobile Spa has a variant of therapies at the spa. With the changing trend and mixing of the western culture, there is an on-site therapy especially for the corporate world. The employees are being gifted with few spa therapies for a day that really rejuvenate them to get back to work. The word massage itself refreshes us.

TBMS gives the on-site therapies like pampering your shoulder, relaxation to your hands and foot, non-sticky oil massage as per your skin demands. With our busy schedule we hardly get time for our self. This on-site massage also offers you manicures and pedicure that really helps you to fight with your dry and dead skin.

There is something different for you. With our old nannies saying massage is really good at prenatal and post-partum stage, the TBMS team has a special package for the would be mummy. Massage therapies help the movement of the pregnant ladies by increasing the blood circulation, stabilizing the hormone levels. There is a great transformation for a lady at this stage. There is both emotional and physical stress for her. The therapy helps you to fight with the pregnancy problems like backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches, swollen ankles and feet etc. This therapy helps you and your foetus with better sleep and relaxation.

The special feature of this mobile spa is that there zone is not restricted only to spa and therapies. They also provide you saloon services along with the spa services like waxing, threading, hair colouring at your door step. They bring their own equipment’s and accessories. All you need to do is dress up at your comfort.

This is not the end. The TBMS team if asked can join your parties like kitty parties, marriage parties, bachelorette etc. They also have special weight loss therapy.

The mobile spa has really made a comfort for us as we don’t have to rush to the parlours and go back to home after a good massage. I really hate travelling back to home after a good massage. So what are you waiting for?

You can book them @ +91 98449 74761 & +91 99003 15173- between 9 am to 7 pm. or write them at

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