The Traffic People : Getting through Indian roads can be little easy

We all know how tough is Indian roads specially when its peak time. Its not about just road conditions but when everybody is on road with their wheels on nothing helps excpet your experince. The Traffic People is an initiative by Shailesh Sinha of Delhi to help you travel through Indian roads little easier with tools they have launched and few more they will be doing in coming months.

  • Current Traffic Status
  • Plan your Route through city traffic.
  • Traffic Radio helping you to find which road will give you blues croissing through. There is a radio cast availble almost every 30 minutes to help you analyse the condition of the roads.
  • Traffic Forecast : This will be intresting depending on what kind of analysis is done.
Latest Traffic update on your mobile

Latest Traffic update on your mobile

As of now only Delhi is on their radar and we hope to see how well they go ahead with this challeneging tasks.  You can send an SMS to 54242 with text as TRAFFICPEOPLE and you would get the latest traffic update on your phone. Good luck to them. Find more details on Traffic People

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