Things to know before buying bedsheets

After a daylong toil what a human being needs the most is a cosy bed to sleep.But the bed would be cosy only when it has a comfortable bedsheet on it. Just rembember that days when all the bedsheets are usually white in colour.But now , time has changed and the taste of the people has also changed. In the new era people wants different colours and varities fo bedsheets.Uncountable varities of bedsheets are available in the Indian market.There are some points that you should kept in mind before buying a bed sheet.

1.Bedsheet of right measure

 Usually all the beddings, pillows have different measures. Hence while buying bedsheet always keep the measurement of your bed in your mind. I personally face this problem many times. Some bedstead are longer while some are wider. You therefore never buy such bedsheet which you have even a little doubt in mind.

2. Thread count of  bedsheet:

BedSheet ShopIt is extremely necessary to know the thread count of the bedsheet. By thread count is meant the number of thread per square inch of the bedsheet. Greater the thread count finer and softer will be the fabrics but such bedsheet will become quite costly.Bedsheet with more than 250 thread count is enough soft .  Never buy bedsheet with less than 170 thread count.


Always select the fabrics of the bedsheet according to the weather and comfort. Cotton bedsheets are comfortable in summer while for winter you can choose silk, linen etc.

4-Follow the instructions:

Naturally you would like to keep your favourite bedsheet ever new for a long time. For this, you have to take care of it by follow the maintaince and washing instruction supplied along with the sheet.If you wish to buiy bedsheet for regular use better buy wrinkle free varities and always use a good quaslity detergent for it.

5- Colour and prints to suit every age and mood :

Varieties of colour, prints and designs available in market may, for a moment make you think what to buy and what not to buy.For kids,you choose nursery  and animal prints, flora prints, graphic prints like Rajasthani blocks, embroidered bedsheets etc. For summer, you can choose florescent and light colour while for the newly married couples bright and radiant colour will be perfect.


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