Products made at Tihar Jail : Availble at TJ’s Store

Tihar Jail is the most famous Jail in Asia not only because you have heard them in Hindi Movies but because  it is the largest prison complex in the world with 10 Prisons inside and with total  capacity of 12000 prisoners according to the official website and there is something else which is making it famous : The product line.

Right from Bakery, Hand loom, Shirts, Paintings to Mustard Oil, Furniture & Paper Products they have all and the best part, all the products are sold under their own Brand : TJ’s and at their own stores at various places in New Delhi or if you want to order in bulk you can directly call them

Below is the video of their product website

Now if the quality worries you, they have posted couple of videos  of Tihar Jail Factory where you can see how the products are made and how it is improving life of many people. Below is a video of Tihar Jail Bakery.

When I first saw it, I was pretty surprised that we actually have line of products the come out from here. Next time I visit delhi, TJ Store is going to be in my top list and I will buy the bakery stuff if not anything else. How about you ? Would you like to buy something made from TJ ?

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