Tips for buying Pearls

Every women has a fascination for jewellery. Before buying any jewellery we always double check no matter if its made of gold, silver, diamond , platinum or say pearl. Even when they buy any artificial ones they always buy with utmost care. And why not? We all should think twice before parting from our hard earned money.

Many of us have a fascination with pearls and really its  lustrous. I myself love wearing jewellery made from pearl and pearl really tempt me a lot. In market many varieties of pearls are available and it really becomes difficult to identify them.

Types of Pearl  :

  1. Natural Pearls are those that are made by the oysters and other mollusks. The natural pearls generates inside the oyster naturally. Its the result of some natural and environmental interaction with the oyster. They are available in different shapes and sizes. The pearl fisher finds the oysters diving inside the sea and get a good price when it is sold. Size, shape, quality depends on the pricing of each pearl.
  2. Cultured Pearls are also grown by mollusks but with human assistance. A tiny piece of mantle tissue is transplanted into the shell for the pearl to grow.
  3. Imitation Pearls are made from plastic, glass or similar material.


Here are few tips while you are buying pearls :

  1. Always place the pearl on the flat light colored surface under bright light. The pearl itself will reflect a light and lustre.
  2. Pearls are always priced in millimeters depending on the size, shape, lustre and consistency.
  3. Pearls are also available in different colors like black, gold, blue, orange. They will be automatically highly priced. Dyed pearls are no wonder cheaper.
  4. You can also ask the jeweler to scrape a pearl with a knife. If it results in powder than the pearl is real.
  5. Pinkish tint in the pearl is expensive and better to buy than the greenish or bluish ones.

Hope the above tips will definitely help you in distinguishing the pearls.


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