Tips on How to buy good Fish

Being a vegetarian I never had the option to go to any fish market and am sorry but it really stinks. After my two hand a half years of marriage in a Bengali family now I  have tried to cook few fishes. Though I have never visited any fish market but when you start cooking something you should about it.

Fish MarketI always think that how do they buy the best fish between the entire fish market. When asked my in-laws helped me out with few tips. Your senses need to be very active here.

  1. The eyes of the fish helps to identify the freshness of the fish. If the eyes of the fish appears to be clear, bright and bulgy its fresh. Cloudy and dull eyes means that the fish has been out from water for too long.
  2. The gills of the fish should be red in colour. Its not that rust coloured gills are not good. They are good but the taste will not be the same.
  3. The scales of the fish should be shiny and lustrous. The skin should be bright and there should be consistency in colour also.
  4. The smell also helps you to identify. Fresh fish will always smell briny like sea water.
  5. Always check the fish by touching it. If you press the fish and the fish takes back its original shape then its good. If it remain indented don’t buy.
  6. If you are buying fish fillets the flesh should always be vibrant and should smell fresh. The colour should be fresh pinkish colour.

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