Tips to keep your Baby clean & healthy

Becoming parent is the happiest day in one’s life. When you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, an awareness floods over you which never be the same again in your lifetime. A new member arrived to your family and promoted you from husband and wife to father and mother.

Normally parents learn a lot from their babies especially patience, love etc. and lot of happiness as well as excitement in the parent’s life. They look forward for the baby’s growth and willing to do anything for the baby. But are you doing enough for your lovely new born? Apart from timely feeding, sleeping hour, you should need the special attention and care like cleanliness, hygiene condition of the baby, and his/her comfort. The slightest of mishandling or carelessness can harm your baby and his/her growth.

Here are the some important tips which help you to keep your baby clean and healthy.

Taking Bath

Immunization Schedule: It is important to protect your baby from those diseases which can be serious for him/her. This is one of the most effective tools which will make your baby happy and healthy. Childhood disease like whopping cough, measles, diphtheria, chicken pox, small pox, poliomyelitis and yellow fever are common among babies. However through the vaccination and other medical check up we can avoid theses type of diseases. Read more

Bathing your baby: My baby loves a lot to bathe and always ready to bathe. Baby loves bathe in a bath tub with her/his favourite bathing toys and accessories. Don’t use soaps and shampoo till your baby is at least 14 days old. The skin of the baby is quite soft and sensitive so the parents need more attention at the time of bathe. It is the responsibility of the parents to make bathing experience an enjoyable one for their adorable baby. Always use good quality liquid soap and shampoo. Make sure that you clean the armpits, behinds the ears area, around the neck, the genital region properly. Clean the nappy area thoroughly to keep away the nappy rash and avoid infections. Be sure to avoid the use of soap around the eye’s area.

Preparing baby bottles: One of the very important items that need utmost care is your baby’s feeding bottle. Wash all feeding equipment in hot soapy water. Always use a bottle brush to clean food deposit. Ensure that the nipples are cleaned and always change the nipple in every 3 months. To sterilise either boil the bottle for 15 minutes, and teats for 3 minutes once the water start boiling or you can use a steam sterilized and its solution.

Nail care: It is important to keep your baby’s nail clean, as half the time their hands are in their mouth. You can use a small ordinary nail scissor or a child nail clipper. Be very careful and gentle, while using a nail clipper. The best time to trim them is after a bath or when the baby is sleeping. However I feel that the nails should be trimmed and cleaned during the sleeping hours as it is more comfortable.

Diaper dos: Mostly, Diaper rash results from skin irritation caused by the sensitive skin exposed to chemicals and moisture from urine and stools.  So how can you prevent or decrease diaper’s rash? Wash well the affected area,  rinse it with water after each diaper change. Always use good quality diaper and cream. Let the skin become dry and use a soft clean towel, do not scrub your baby’s bottom. If your baby’s skin has rashes and it has become hard, it’s better to get it some air by letting them go bare bottom for a while.

Some other points should be remember :

  • For the cleaning inside the nose and ear use of cotton swabs should be used.
  • Wash baby’s hand properly after every meal or after every potty time.
  • Baby clothes can into a bucket with diluted soap solution.
  • Baby’s toys should be washed properly with an antiseptic liquid.
  • Baby massage  is a common practise among Indian babies to keep all things you need ready, before you start rubbing the oil on the baby’s body. This includes the baby massage oil or the vegetable oil, tissues, clean diapers and clothes.


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