Tiranga.Net : The right place to know about Indian Flag

Tiranga, The Indian National Flag, was born on July 22, 1947, to became the national flag of free India and was given to the whole country along with the resolution on that day. Though we all know what Tiranga is, we hardly know how it came to existence and other aspects of it. Yes, we did study in school, but with everyday increasing responsibility to achieve something in life, it goes into our backstage. As Independence Day is nearing, Our team at Technospot.In has decided to venture into freedom aspects of India and find more it and Tiranga was the most appropriate choice to start with. Let’s learn some facts about the Indian National Flag or Tiranga.


Tiranga.Net: The right place to know about Indian Flag

We found a site which was not only impressive but had information on the Indian Flag, which is not easy to find. Here are some facts:

  1. The Indian Flag Committee comprised of  Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Abdul KalamAzad, K.M.Panikar, Sarojni Naidu, K.M.Munshi and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar.
  2. The first company to start making Indian Flag was Free India Flag Manufacturing company, Katra Neel, Delhi and it came out with advertisement on Hindustan Times. It was sold for two and a half annas.
  3. There is precise term and color combination even brightness defined for the colors of Indian Flag.Indian flag colour details
  4. Indian Flag should have ratio of 3:2 no matter the size.
  5. There are rules on how Indian Flag is hosted, who can use it.
  6. Earlier, Indian Flag was allowed to hoist by the general public except on Republic Day and Independence Day.
  7. Here is a list of bans related to the flag:
    • Flying a damaged or disheveled flag
    • Draping over vehicles
    • Printing and using on a costume, cushion, napkin, etc.
    • Using it as a drapery in private funeral
    • Flying it on a vehicle unless permitted.
  8. Rules of Half Masting
  9. Size of Tiranga
  10. Degrees between each spike of Ashok Chakra

There is much more information which you can see at Tiranga.Net. We would suggest you get there and find all the details. If you are researching this topic, you can use this site also for information. We hope the site was useful, and you learned something new Facts about Indian National Flag or Tiranga.


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