Tobacco as Biofuel and not just smoking and chweing

India and many other countries are famous of Tobacco chewing and smoking and we have a positive signal coming for this huge consumption. No not increase in smoking and chewing but according to this page of Thomas Jefferson University, Tobacco can be used to produce Bio Fuel in future.

Tobacco plants are naturally rich in sugars, starch, and low-lignin cellulose that can be converted into ethanol, yielding up to 1100 gallons of bio-ethanol per acre. Additionally, tobacco seeds are naturally rich in oils suitable for conversion to biodiesel.


Tobacco as Biofuel

One of the reason it can be successful source of alternative energy in India or any other country is because Tobacco is easy to produce and requires less of investment in growing it.

Nobody is sure when this will come out to be positive but if it does, I hope Indian Government would be first to get this technology in India which can further reduce the price of Oil and Petrol.

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