Too much Modernization of Schools and Colleges : Good or Bad

Few days ago, we went to watch the movie PATHSHALA Starring  Shahid kapoor, Ayesha takia, Nana Patekar etc. The main focus of the movie is to show how the education system is being commercialized just to increase the profit of the trustees.

Few Scenes of the Movie :

  • Schools try to sell goodies like BaseBall to every student though you might just need one or two in a team.
  • Now allowing students to play guitar if their parents don’t have money to buy it.
  • Introduction of combo meals which does not take concern of health of the students.
  • Taking  help of the media professionals working  with the student to create some media presence and to make high light to the school. Like on one scene there were students standing as a pyramid waiting for the photographer to click who is enjoying snacks and in another a girl is suffering from eyes itching as the chillies gone into her eyes.
  • Students are involved into extra activities to an extent that they don’t even get time for their regular studies.


Digital Blackboard
Digital Blackboard

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Keeping in mind the changes that is happening where a child is expected to be smart before he gets down to real school and he needs to be all-rounder is a good idea but without the right balance this effort can be lethal.

For example replacing the traditional blackboard with a digital interface is good but providing too much of luxury brings imbalance.  Taking the other side one can argue that it increase the productivity of the students, make their mind alert and help them understand how to grow faster in the race. True and I agree to that.

However, It is important to understand that as a child human brain does not understand the difference of right and wrong, why learning is important and why you need to stay alert. That is why one goes to school and if you give even more facilities in my opinion mind alertness will not be to that level.

Even Obama says we need to adapt to the Digital Distractions and this is what is required to be understood by the Modern schools. If we give them facilities you need to give them education with the right balance and not at the cost of other.

The movie has successfully brought some of the major issue like the burden of student, pressure on parents to increase the fees and the bad effect of the reality shows on the kids. I am sure that this will work as the eye opener for all the parents.

What do you think?


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