TRAI Limits Bulk SMS, MMS : Is this the right solution ?

If you live in India, You must be aware of the SMS rumor havoc that was spread across many states against India, resulting in many North Eeast countrymen to leave for their native state. This is definitely a sad situation and even though Rajya Sabha did spoke out in one voice that every NE person is secure, the terror in mind will stay for a while.

As far I see on TV and News, the source of this threat came out from SMS and was soon sent across from one mobile to other. While the government and respected security personals are still trying to find out the source of SMS, TRAI has decided to stop bulk SMS all over the country for next 15 days as a precautionary measure. This is not the first time, TRAI has tried to limit the SMS.

Is this the right solution ?

Probably no, but this is only the first step or the precaution government has taken to control the spread. Imagine if the rumors continue to spread across using the bulk services, how fast it will spread. So if you are frustrated on this, you should really try to understand the situation.

So TRAI has limited the Bulk SMS to Five a day and an MMS cannot exceed 20KB of data. This is definetly a setback for Marketers which use the BULK SMS as a tool.

Does it effect every other number ?

I am guessing its not your or my number which is being limited for sending loads of SMS but probably SMS packs might have been taken into consideration. I will suggest you to call your operator and find out.

Can a SMS be traced to its phone number ?

Yes it is possible using the SMS header which is very similar to an email containing information of the source. However since the SMS has been forwarded from so many numbers, I am just not sure how it will be handed.

So will this be a permanent limitation ?

Hopefully no. One the situation comes under control, it should come to normal but we will have to wait for that time.


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