Trai asks Telcoms to be Clear on FUP details, Ask minimum of 256 Kbps in any broadband tariff plan

A new directive measure introduced by TRAI will make surfing more enjoyable now. As per the new direction issued by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) all the broadband service providers offering unlimited plans under FUP (Fair Usage Policy) will have to offer minimum of 256 Kbps speed. This implies for both wireless and wireline broadband services.

With the implementation of the above speed the consumers will enjoy fair means of broadband services. At times it happen that during the first phase of downloading the speed of the broadband services is very much satisfactory. But it has been observed that once the limit is reached say up to  5 GB or 10 GB the speeds very slow which becomes a big hindrance in our job.

The new directive measure introduced by TRAI has brought transparency in the whole idea. Now while downloading one does not has to wonder how much he has consumed his limit. Once one uses the 80% of the data limit offered in his plan an alert will be provided to the consumer for four times whenever you login to the network of the service provider.

Also the network providers have to provide some basic information as per FUP i.e.

  1. data usage limit with higher speed;
  2. speed of connection up to data usage limit; and
  3. speed of connection beyond data usage limit.

This has to be in printed format and need to be clear to the consumer.  So now we can work hassle free with our network providers. Enjoy surfing!!!


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