TRAI to finalize way to Block lost or stolen mobile through IMEI number

Every day, we hear about the lost mobiles, but we cannot afford to have our mobile lost or stolen. New smartphones can cost a lot and contain essential personal and business information, which you don’t want falling into the wrong hand. Keeping this in mind, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is has finalized to a Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR). It can be used to report, block, and trace lost and stolen mobiles. Finally, there is a way to block the lost or stolen mobile phone through their IMEI numbers, and it will.

TRAI to Finalize way to Block lost or stolen mobile through IMEI number

If you are not aware, IMEI numbers are a unique serial number that identifies the handset which is stored in the Central Equipment identity register (EIR) database of the service provider. Every mobile phone has an IMEI number associated with them which you must note down at some secret location. The point that makes these IMEI numbers very important is that with the help of IMEI number, you can impose a ban on your stolen or lost the mobile phone.

Request for Blocking lost stolen mobile phone

TRAI did ask for recommendations last year from all telecom operators, and with now most of the operators can keep track of IMEI numbers in Database, Soon you will need the bill to prove you hold the IMEI numbered phone and it will be blocked forever. Later on, it can be tracked, and also given back to with effort from Polic department.

As of now, it is available only in Maharashtra. The government is planning to bring more operators on the portal so the IMEI database can be made stronger. When you complain, you will need an original copy of the phone’s bill. Let us know how it worked for you.


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