Tupperware products for healthy life

Nutrition is basic needs and prerequisites for a healthy life. A proper balanced diet is essential from the very early stage of life for growth, development and active life. This can easily be achieved through a combination of four basic food groups. The quantities of foods needed to meet the need vary with age; gender physical activity and physiological status (pregnancy/lactation). The four basic food group are;

  • Cerelac, Millets, Pulses
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Oils, Fats, Nuts and oil seeds.
  • Milk and milk products, Egg, Meat and fish

A diet comprising of a variety of above foods group in various combination along with regular physical activity is the recommended balanced diet.

Tupperware offers a complete solution to store all the basic food groups by its range of products for a healthy and nutritious lifestyle!! Tupperware as a company believe in empowering women. Tupperware connects all women and create friendship which are life changing for many of us. Embracing the Tupperware opportunity not only makes them  independent financially but also leads to building self esteem and confidence.

Tupperware is encouraging women everywhere to celebrate the endless reward of female friendship through a new campaign Chain of confidence. A campaign, which believes in providing opportunity to young girls and women all across the globe.

The chain of confidence is a campaign which reflect Tupperware’s commitment towards making a difference and changing one life every week  through enlightening, educating and empowering women across various walk of life.

Be conscious about your health.

Some of the useful product of Tupperware are as follow-

  • Modular mates
  • Aqua safe
  • Freezer mates and freeze smart
  • Tup
  • Microwave products

Modular mates

Modular Mates
Modular Mates

Modular mates are used for dry storage. It was creating to organize your kitchen for space and convenience, while ensuring that your food stays fresh. They are the complete modular storage solution for your kitchen. Over a prolonged period of time, cereals and pulses face deterioration from infestation and moulding. The modular mates prevent this and keep cereals and pulses fresh.

Save space-The unique stackable design helps to utilize space in the kitchen cupboards to the maximum. In fact, you can gain 50% shelf space with the Modular mates!!

Save time-The tab on the Modular Mates help in easy removal of seals while the clear window on the sides helps to identify the food quickly.

Save Money-Buy larger, economical packs of foods and keep then fresh for longer, saving money and repeated trips to the market.

Aqua safe

Nearly 70% of our body is made up of water. Water aids digestion, regulates body temperature, carries nutrients and oxygen to cells and also removes toxins and wastes. It is important that water does not get contaminated with harmful bacteria and impurities when stored. So when it comes to storing water, choose TUPPERWARE.

Freezer smart

Now a days, Freeze  is an important thing in our daily life.Careful storage of food in the refrigerator reduces the chances of food getting contaminated with harmful bacteria.Proper storage in the refrigerator ensure that food retain Vitamin C,vital for children.

Tup baby

Tupperware launches the tup baby  range consisting of delighting and colourful products to suite every baby’s feeding and caring needs. All tupbaby products come with unique features and benefits and are made from virgin food grade plastic ,making them very safe for your babies.!

Microwave products

Microwave Tupperware
Microwave Tupperware

It consists the products like multicook stainer, crystalwave, idli tray, multicook etc. Cooking in the microwave using Tupperware is beneficial because of the following reasons:-

  • Nutrient Retention-Vitamins and minerals are preserved since food’s exposure to heat and water is short.
  • Natural flavour and Texture-Food is cooked in its own moisture and hence the natural flavour and texture is retained.
  • Weight watcher’s delight-Use of less fat and therefore food is lighter.
  • Less risk of burns-Only food gets heated ant not the container
  • Energy saver-Food gets cooked in about ¼ of the time required on the gas burner.


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