Best Tips to keep your Credit Card safe

We all use a Credit card somewhere. You are buying Movie tickets, paying phone bills, or hotel bills. Its fun to carry no cash but at the same time you need to safeguard it because its Credit, money which you dont have, but you spend and if you dont keep it safe somebody else might spend it for him or herself. In this post, we will tell you tips to keep your credit card safe.

Best Tips to keep your Credit Card safe

Best Tips to keep your Credit Card safe
Credit card safety

Here are some tips for you to keep your Credit Card safe from any internet theft or any third party fraud.

  1. Guard your card. Avoid losing them out of your sight when making a transaction.
  2. Now we have credit cards that can be tapped for any transaction. Never put them in the back pocket.
  3. Ensure that you cut & destroy the old cards. Most of the time, a new card arrives while the former is still valid for a couple of months.
  4. Carefully discard receipts/charge slips from card transactions. Shred them, if possible, to prevent fraudsters from acquiring information about you and your cards.
  5. Check your receipts/charge slips against your monthly statements carefully. If you find an unfamiliar transaction, contact Bank by Phone immediately.
  6. Make sure you receive an SMS for every transaction. Most of the banks offer it, but make sure its working.
  7. Don’t leave cards unattended in a bag, briefcase or jacket pocket in a public place and keep your purse or folder on your lap.
  8. Report loss of card to the bank immediately. Please ensure you have the local bank number noted with you at all times so that you can contact them directly during such emergencies
  9. Never write down your ATM Personal Identification Number (PIN), especially on the card, nor keep the same in your wallet. Try to memorize it instead.
  10. When using an ATM, be wary of anyone who might be trying to watch you enter your PIN and do not allow yourself to be distracted by anyone trying to talk to you.
  11. Many ATM frauds have been cited, which are fitted with tech that can capture passwords as well. Make sure to pull and check the port where you enter your Credit or Debit card.
  12. Please do not give your card or PIN to any person claiming to be from the bank or any other agency, even if he produces an ID card. In case the card is to be handed over to authorized Bank personnel, make sure the card is cut into pieces & Bank is informed to block the card before the handover.
  13. Don’t share personal information unless you are entirely confident about the person/ company you are dealing with. Be particularly cautious if you are cold-called by someone claiming to be from a bank or the police. If in doubt, ask for proof of identity or call up the Bank services.
  14. Change passwords whenever the password has been disclosed by any chance to anybody.
  15. Online transactions are usually safe, but to limit the amount, you can generate a virtual credit card number.

If your Credit Card is used at the wrong places, it can lower your CIBIL score as well.

Remember, you are solely responsible for any transaction which happens through your credit card. So be alert, cautious, and careful because “Precaution is better than Prevention” and I’m sure you too believe the same. Keep swiping!!


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