Types of Music in India

India is a country known for its unity in diversity. The country has twenty eight states and each one has its own mother tongue, religion, culture and tradition but the music is the one thing which makes all the country together. However, there are many types of music in the country. Music is the soul of the nature; it may be present everywhere in the crackling of trees, in the sound of birds, in the flow of river etc.

Indian Music

Indian Music

The music of India is said to be one of the oldest unbroken musical   tradition of the world. The origin of Indian music goes back to the Vedas. Many different legends have grown up on the developing the Indian music.

Types of Indian Music:

Indian music is divided into three main categories

  • Indian classical music
  • Folk music
  • Modern music

Indian classical music

It is one of the most complex and complete music system ever developed. It is broadly divided into two main stream,  one is the north Indian tradition known as Hindustani music and another is the Carnatic music which belonging to the South Indian traditions. Indian classic music is monophonic in nature and the performance is based melodically on particular ragas and rhythmically on talls.

Folk music

Rajasthan folk music

Rajasthan folk music

It consist the music according to the state and regions. Some of them are:

Bhangra music-It is a lively form of folk music and originated from the land of Punjab. It is performed with one person playing the dhol drum and another is flute, dholak drum and other musical instrument.

Dandiya music-It is a type of music generally performed in the state of Gujarat. The present musical style is derived from the traditional musical accompaniment to the folk dance.

Haryanavi music-The folk Music of Haryana has been spread by the Bhats, Saangis and Jogis. It is sung and played in the state of Haryana, parts of western UP and neighboring districts of Rajasthan and Punjab. The tradition of music in Haryana goes back to the Vedic times, and it is the only state in India to have towns and villages named after different ragas.

Qwallis music-They are the tradition form of Islamic songs and closely linked to the spiritual and artistic life of Northern India. It is also linked to the Sufi tradition and performed with one or two lead singers with several musical instruments like harmonium, tabla, dholak etc.

Gazal music-It is a type of music with a short poem with a series of couplets. Each couplet is an independent poem.

Rabindra sangeet-It refers a complete range of songs written by Rabindranath Tagore. Many elements of Indian classical music used in Rabindra sangeet to make it effective. Many singers in West Bengal and Bangladesh base their entire careers on the singing of Tagore musical masterpieces. The national anthem of India and national song of Bangladesh are the example of Rabindra Sangeets.

Rajasthani music-It is one of the most popular forms of music in India. The essence of Rajasthani music is derived from the creative symphony of string instruments, percussion instruments and wind instruments accompanied by melodious renditions of folk singers. It enjoys a respectable presence in Bollywood music as well.

Modern music:

Indi-pop-Indian pop music, often known as Indipop or Indi-pop, is based on an amalgamation of Indian folk and classical music, and modern beats from different parts of the world.

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