Use and Pay Office Concept in India

In the modern era we are seeing a great competition going all around among the new entrepreneurs. They all want to grow in terms of business, volume, money whatever it may be. How the business firm is going to look is a prime factor. And if someone comes and say that they will take your botheration and provide you a full furnished office with all the requirements what will be your reaction? Obviously that will raise your eyebrows and make you eager to know the detail.

Let me assist you. 


STYLUS is a business centre that provides all the basic necessity that you might need in your business organisation. STYLUS provides you full furnished office, available in different sizes and for all grades and levels. You can say it’s a readymade office with full infra-structure and administrative services required. In the words of STYLUS you can say its pay-as-you-use basis.

STYLUS started in May 2006 and by 2007 they have offices at Mumbai and its second centre in Bengaluru to meet the growing demand. Still the concept is new i believe and awareness is required.


Administrative issues –

STYLUS takes care of your need. They know what exactly you require and the services big or small you demand. They provide you a complete workstation fully furnished, proper meeting rooms and conference rooms. Apart from common requirements like electricity, water, air condition, they provide you 100% power back Up via UPS and DG sets. Proper housekeeping and 24 hrs. Security is there to take care off.

Connectivity and communication issues –

Local area network has been properly created with proper security of the data. Routers/Switches have been lined to secure networks. For communication you can find high specification telephones with EPABX conference calling. A separate staff has been allotted to manage the electric wiring and switch board. Fax machines are always ready for use. Printers, Xerox machines and scanners are there to make your work easier and smooth. 

The unique point about STYLUS is that they aim at protecting the planet. They recycle, re-use, and reduce wastage on daily basis. They even use eco-friendly housekeeping products. 

Many more companies seems to be egger to take the facilities provided by Stylus because of the following Reason….

  • MNCs who’ve overflow in situation with limited space in hand.
  • Smaller companies who doesn’t have branches all around but need minimum workspace for their local sales representative.
  • Newly startup companies who want less capital investment on infrastructure.
  • Foreign companies who wants to start branches in India.

These is even more lucrative as Stylus is providing all additional facilities like Electricity, water, air conditioning, Round the clock housekeeping services, Round the clock security, Full power back up by UPS & DG along with all other system related facilities which is generally required for any kind of Business.

Though this kind of “Use and Pay” concept of Office premises is yet to  start full fledgedly in India but because of the cost effectiveness it seems it will be much more beneficial to the smaller companies and many more new companies depending upon their nature of Business. Visit Stylus Website

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